Our Story

Larry Thomas- CEO & Founder

Hi, I’m Larry Thomas, CEO & Founder of Grounded Wishes & The Breathe 5 Device. For years I have been dealing with my wife who suffered with severe anxiety, and my daughter with severe panic attacks including multiple trips to the ER and many doctor visits. All they could do was recommend medication, but she was pregnant and didn't want them. So I started doing research on non-pharmaceutical and all natural ways to help anxiety and panic. My daughter Jeannie and I spent the better part of the first year researching, including talking to doctors, neurologist, mental health therapist and lots of anxiety and panic victims. We spent thousands of dollars perfecting our Calming Kit and our breathing device, with the help of our CO-Founder, a renown Neurologist MD. We know its not your fault what you go through, so we promise you, we can help you, try risk free for 30 days love it or your money back.

Jeannie Gipson: Co-Founder

I had my first panic attack when I was 27 and I thought I was dying. I've never experienced anxiety or panic attacks before so I had no idea what was happening, but my heart was racing, I was sweating and shaking, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I went to the hospital and they offered a sedative which I know would have helped but I had a 4 year old at home and I was pregnant and couldn’t take meds. This continued every day I felt like a prisoner to these symptoms. I could not handle it anymore. So my dad and I researched for weeks on what causes panic attacks and how to stop them. We spent a year doing research and development talking to doctors, patients and anyone we could to get input from. Finally we created a Calming Kit and invented and patented our Breathe 5 Device and it really works. The best part is there's no medicine so I was able to use it and control my anxiety while I was pregnant and breastfeeding my newborn, while still able to take care of my older son too. I feel like I have my life back. Give us a try and change your life.


Dr. Jeff Borkoski, MD: Co-Founder & Research & Development

Hi I’m Dr. Jeff Borkowski MD. I am a Neurologist specializing in anxiety and mental health and have over 23 years in the medical field. When I am not practicing at my office, I am a professor at the University of Florida in the Neurology Department. Research found not only there are many different "Triggers" causing anxiety and panic attacks, we have also found what relieves them. Given the state of todays stressful world, no wonder why so many people are faced with these terrible symptoms. When we invented Breathe 5 and the calming kits my first thought was this is something that will truly help people with no side effects and uses no drugs. Breathe 5 uses the law of science and medicine, by restoring the balance of C02 and Oxygen you return to normal. And our kits have every tool you need to naturally calming anxiety and panic.

Brittany Shane RN: Medical Research

Hi, I’m Brittany I am a registered nurse specializing in the welfare of children. My first three years were in labor and delivery at a large medical Center in Georgia. And now for the last four years I am the head nurse at a government facility for trouble teens. When they get to our facility, they are at their worst and most are suffering from anxiety and severe panic. The reason I love the "Calming Kits" is there are no drugs, no prescriptions no side effects and can be used anywhere at any time. This really helped me because getting any type of drug treatment for these kids are very time-consuming. I keep many "Calming Kits" at our many facilities and they have been a lifesaver, when one of them start to complain about anxiety or panic I simply give them one of the devices in the kit and within a couple minutes, they feel relief. I will say I have tried other non-drug treatments, and nothing has worked until now.